Creating an Inviting Environment for Outdoor Entertaining

With the summer season right around the corner, many of our leisure activities are moving outdoors. If you plan to do some patio entertaining this year, these tips can help you make sure that your space is welcoming to everyone who visits.


  • Create a wide, paved and stepless path of travel to your patio area, so that all guests can easily access the fun.
  • Make sure that your guests can get to the bathroom, kitchen, or other areas inside your home by installing a sliding glass door that can be opened with minimal effort, or french doors with lever hardware.
  • Select sturdy patio chairs with arms so that all of your guests can get up and down easily.
  • Leave plenty of open space for easy circulation.
  • Create a lighting plan, including pathway lighting, with motion sensors, in case your gathering extends into the evening.

A little planning goes a long way to ensure that everyone enjoys these seasonal gatherings to the fullest.