Ultimate Livable Design Honey Do (and Honey Don’t) List


This Father’s Day, you’re probably giving Dad a break from the normal “honey do” list, but once the holiday is over, we have a great collection of Livable Design dos and don’ts to keep him busy for the rest of the year!

Honey Do install slip resistant flooring in wet areas.  Tip:  If installing ceramic, stone or porcelain tile, smaller tile sizes have more grout surface, which provides greater slip resistance.

Honey Don’t add a throw rug.  Throw rugs create a trip hazard and also hold on to dust and other debris that can aggravate allergies.

Honey Do replace knob style door handles with lever style.  Lever door hardware is much easier to use if your hands are full or if you have arthritis.

Honey Don’t forget the plumbing fixtures!  Faucets, like doors, are much easier to operate with a lever as opposed to a knob.

Honey Do add hardware to all of your cabinets.  Hardware makes cabinets easier to open and protects the wood finish from dirt and oils from your fingers.

Honey Don’t put all of your cabinets up high.  Plan to provide at least half of all your kitchen and bathroom storage at a height lower than 54″ above the finished floor.

Honey Do select illuminated or LED locator switches so that lights are easy to find in the dark.

Honey Don’t install light switches on the backsplash.  In fact, install all switches in a reachable location between 42″ and 48″ above the finished floor.

Honey Do select appliances with front or side mounted controls for easy access.

Honey Don’t put the microwave over the range.  It’s dangerous to access hot dishes from such a high location, not to mention having to reach over a potentially hot range cooktop.  Microwaves installed at a lower height are easier and safer to use.

Put Dad to work on these simple home improvements and enjoy a more comfortable, convenient and livable home environment.  Just wait until he’s finished his breakfast in bed!  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there from everyone here at Livable Design!