Staying Cool in the Kitchen

As we all know, the majority of accidents occur in the home.  The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms because of the heat involved in cooking.  Luckily, there are ways to design your kitchen that can help reduce your family’s risk of burns.

One great choice is an induction cooktop.  This type of cooktop reacts with the iron in your cookware to heat the pan but not the surface of the cooktop.   Some, like this one by General Electric, also incorporate dry-pot technology, which will shut the burner off if it gets over-heated.


You can also choose a “cool touch” oven that remains cool outside even while food is being cooked on the inside.  Look for one that has a triple-glazed door, minimizing heat transfer to the outside.


Something else to consider is placing your microwave at a reachable height.  Typically, to save space, microwaves are placed above the cooktop, which isn’t the safest option for several reasons.  First, if the cooktop is in use, leaning over the hot surface to reach in and out of the microwave can be dangerous.  Second, lifting and lowering hot foods overhead  to remove cooked food or drinks from the microwave is an invitation for hot spills.  Placing your microwave on the countertop or building it in to cabinetry at counter level is a safer solution.


Some thoughtful choices when designing your kitchen can result in a safer environment for you, your family and guests, making the time shared in the heart of the home less stressful.  What safety features have you incorporated into the design of your kitchen?