Design for All Ages

If you share your home with kids, you know that due to their size and dexterity, some things aren’t as easy for them to do by themselves. Below are some great ideas for how to make your home more kid-friendly, most of which can be added without major remodeling.

  • Install easy maintenance and durable solid countertops in kitchen and bathrooms (quartz is a good option)
  • Install anti-scald lever plumbing fixtures at sinks and bathing areas
  • Use safety glass in bedroom windows
  • Use soft-close hinges on doors and drawers
  • Install a secondary peephole in the front door at 40″-46″ high
  • Finish counters and millwork with rounded corners
  • Install bullnose corners on drywall
  • Install a safety fence at the pool if applicable
  • Install cordless or child-safe window blinds
  • Install dimmer switches for all overhead lights in bedrooms and living/family rooms so that light levels can be reduced close to bedtime
  • Design an open floor plan to allow for supervision of play areas
  • Install a backyard fence

By incorporating some simple Livable Design features into your home, you can make your space more comfortable for the little people in your life – and more convenient for everyone else too!