About The Author

Jeffrey DeMure, AIA, is a licensed architect with more than thirty-five years of experience in the home-building industry and the founder of Jeffrey DeMure + Associates Architects Planners, Inc. He has spent the last ten years developing Livable Design™ with his team, working to breathe new life and promise into the American Dream.

A nationally recognized speaker on topics ranging from architecture to entrepreneurialism, and a member of numerous boards and advisory committees, Jeffrey’s goal is to share his vision for the future of the industry; A world where our homes and communities are built to grow with us over the course of an entire lifetime.

In addition to being a creative instigator, DeMure is a commercial pilot and loves a fine Moleskine notebook, a rOtring 600 pencil, and a space created with intent. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Melanie, and their four beautiful children, Emily, JT, Jeremy, and Brayden.

About The Book

Are you ready to transform your business, the communities you touch, and the future of the building industry? Livable Design™ is the catalyst you need to bring purpose and passion back into your work.

In this book, licensed architect, industry expert, speaker, and entrepreneur Jeffrey DeMure, AIA, teaches us about Livable Design™, a revolutionary collection of simple, cost-effective elements that can be incorporated into the design of any living space to make it more fully-inclusive for residents and guests of all ages and mobility profiles.